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A Startup with a revolutionary concept of providing At-Home Treatment to patients all over the country. Currently serving the dental market in Kolkata, we have serviced over a 1000 patients in a span of 6 months and this number is increasing rapidly over the months.

We have a total of 4 domains that we cater to →


To cater to a huge patient base we are building an army by training doctors not only in their own sector but also on how to manage critical situations. 


Doctors are considered equivalent to gods because of the service that they provide and we too leverage it by conducting camps in the low lying areas where people are not able to afford costly treatments.

At-Home Patients

Every person who has been a patient at some point in his/her life knows the discomfort of going to a diagnostic center. Our USP is to provide the most luxurious and comfortable home treatments to these patients, curbing the discomfort and improving the hospitality.


Our concept of CLINICS ON RENT is a business model that can lure not only the small clinics but even the high end hospitals across the country. So if you have a clinic without the dental sector, feel free to contact us. With minimal investment you will have maximum results.

Our Vision →

Our Vision is to provide easy treatment access to patients. From taking care of you at home to creating dental awareness.

Our Mission →

Our Mission is to provide High standards of care and stringent safety protocols to ensure that we provide the best and safest care to all.

Our Aim →

Our Aim is to provide the services to the masses and if you fit in any category mentioned above, do connect with us and we will be happy to help!

Our Doctors →

Dr. Akash Banerjee

Dr. Shibalik Mukherjee

Dr. Sharath Megh

Dr. Poulomi Das

Dr. Priyanka Mishra

Better dental Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

44, Adi Ganga Co-operative Road, Kolkata, West Bengal-700070


+91 89104 70711

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