Aligners are clear, custom-made plastic trays worn over the teeth to move them into the proper position. They work the same way as traditional metal braces by gradually moving teeth into proper alignment with the jaw. Unlike conventional braces, Aligners do not use wires or brackets and can be removed anytime without pain.

What are clear Aligners?

Straightening your teeth to perfection has never been easier than with Clear Aligners, often known as Invisible Braces. Aligners are convenient and painless alternatives to traditional metal braces. Each set of braces is built specifically for the wearer based on computerised scans of their teeth.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

Inconspicuous and Stylish

Feel free to flash your pearly whites without hiding them behind concealing metal brackets and wires.

Modular and Moveable

Thanks to the latest technology with which our team works, patients will receive specialized and safe treatment.

Easy and relaxing

Our aligners are comfortable and painless compared to the braces that pull and tug on your teeth.

Resilient and healthy

Our aligners are durable and detachable so that you may brush and floss normally while using them.

A Perfect Smile in Five Easy Steps

Simple extraction

Schedule a free exam in our clinic or at your home by calling DocHome Pvt Ltd.

See Results

Stay put while our dental staff formulates an approach tailored to your teeth and discusses the outcome with you.

Accept the Plan and Pay

Since the cost of each type of aligner varies, our orthodontist will discuss the cost of the specific aligner that will work best for you.

No-Hassle Delivery

When you give us the go-ahead, we’ll schedule an appointment in which our doctors will place the aligners along with any other procedures required. The doctor will provide all usage instructions.

Unlimited, Free Service

Our support staff is available every day of the week, rain or shine, to assist you in monitoring your progress. You can contact us by phone, email, or in person anytime.

After Getting Dental Aligners, What Should You Expect?

Invisible aligner therapy instead requires diligent, ongoing care of the teeth and gums. It can take some time to become used to wearing aligners and figuring out the optimum method for removing them for brushing and cleaning. Do not use your nails because doing so raises the risk of injury to your gums and subsequent bleeding. 

With time and practice, wearing aligner trays will become as natural as brushing your teeth. After your orthodontic treatment is complete, you’ll have the option of either a removable or a fixed retainer to keep your teeth in their new positions.

Dental Aligners: The Healing Process And The Final Product

Since teeth shifting occurs slowly, and over a somewhat extended time frame, there is typically very little need for an adjustment period. To maintain the outcomes of the operation, you will need to get a set of retainers, either fixed or detachable. There are two main types of retainers: fixed retainers, which are bonded to the lingual surfaces of the front teeth, and detachable retainers, which are wire-resin appliances that must be worn for a significant portion of the day for at least a year.
After getting your retainers, you should see your dentist every 6-8 months for checkups to ensure they are still in good shape.

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