Is Dental Home Treatment legal?

Many of you must be wondering if Dental  Home Treatment is legal or not? Isn’t it? Let’s clarify a few doubts regarding this. Dental Home Treatment is nothing new that we Indians do not know about. The doctors from times unknown have consulted and treated patients right at thier doorstep. You may have heard a few stories from your grandparents too. Right?

Now you would think, infrastructure would be an issue along with lack of doctor’s availability and hygiene awareness during those times
You are absolutely correct. But all of these changed after 1947.  A number of circulars have been issued by the Medical Council of India that talks about how hygiene should be maintained, treatments should be carried, quality, profession of doctors, etc. This helped in reducing the no. of deaths that happened because of the sector being unorganized, though the road is still long way to go.

To look the broader view of how we are growing slowly and steadily for the past 75 years celebrating Aazadi ka Amrit mohatsav in its truest form.

As stated by US gov website, “In the hard count during 2017, 1.33 billion of Indian population is being served by 1.8 million registered medical graduates. So, the ratio is 1.34 doctor for 1,000 Indian citizens as of 2017. This means that India has already reached WHO norm of 1:1,000 doctor population ratio even considering the most conservative estimates including stringent attrition criteria.“

The pace with which  current startups are growing is commendable. Though there is a wide scope to be included in the healthcare practice as well. Our elevator pitch sumarises the problem getting solved for our target audience – “If every service and product is available right at your doorstep, from food, cabs to plumber, then why not the doctors for treatments that are feasible to be practised at home.

After the Covid 19 impact, the world is going through a lot of rapid changes and so is the healthcare sector today. PM’s PM Jan Arogya Yojana, Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission and Ayushman Bharat Health will help us look forward to many more startups to solve need of the hour problems – proving comfort to patients.

A few examples:

Orange Health

They collect blood right at your home for the diagnostic tests, the results of which will be sent to you via phone.


Effective health care by nurses post hospitalization is a necessity. This setup takes care of your grandparents by creating a healthy and hygienic environment in and around them. Does this not solve the problem currently luring among the masses. They have physiotherapists who keeps you visiting frequently taking care of your bosily movements without you having to move from your home to their clinic.


A startup revolutionizing the concept of dentures all together. Just by scanning your teeth, they are able to create the required denture that you need. A dedicated person visits the patients home, scans the mouth and within a week or 2 you would be able to flaunt you invisible aligners among your friends and family.


The digital platform provides a one-stop solution for everything related to skin and hair wellness, making Clinically India’s first online clinic for dermatology. Their team meet the patient right at their home and understand the problem solely focused to the individual. This helps them formulate exact treatments required for curing.

And there are several other examples that we can talk about in this article. Some even mentioned by our PM in his Mann ki Baat.

Now, lets tell you how DocHome is playing its role to solve the growing problem among the masses. Our sole motive is to create access for patients to be able to treat themselves with hassle limiting to 0.

Treated over 3000+ patients within an year’s time, our unique proposition lies in the hands of our doctors who provide suitable treatment depending on the diagnosis. The 1st interaction between the doctor and the patient where the doctor provides free consultation helps us to diagnose the issue with the patient.

With the data in hand, we formulize the severability of the disease if it is surgical or not. Those treatments which can be performed without the surgeons are catered at home and the rest at our clinic, to avoid any possibility of biomed hazard.

The dental home treatment process is pretty smooth. Our assistant along with the portable equipment reaches the patients home where the doctor would be ready with prescriptions and in-person consultation. Within 2 hours (max) you are left with a bright smile on your face that could have taken you hours if not days.

In today’s world we can see all the big players entering the market. Apollo with its 24*7 platform has announced its entry in Dental home treatment sector as well along with other giants who can work in collaboration with new startups and take the healthcare infra to new heights.

So for all those individuals who are still thinking if Dental home treatment would be feasible/legal aound, you can take a good night’s sleep and wait for your doctor to arrive at the time you have booked the slot because we have taken all the necessary precautions and legal proceeding to keep us and you safe for all times.