Kids Dentistry

Kids Dentistry

When a child develops, their teeth are just one part of numerous bodily changes. These shifts drastically affect the alignment of the teeth and the shape of the face. Consistent dental checkups during this developmental window help safeguard a child’s oral health and bite alignment.

Dental care for children is very different and more challenging than for adults. For a child, it may be difficult to describe the precise nature of the issue being experienced. Children are sometimes frightened by the variety of medical tools and unfamiliar individuals they may see during therapy, unlike adults. Dentists in these situations need people skills, including the ability to put patients at ease and pinpoint the source of the problem. All children who have visited Dochome agree that our dentists are exceptionally good with youngsters.

Even though children should be seeing a dentist at least twice a year for checkups, many Indian parents still feel hesitant to do so.

Cavities And Dental Caries

Our dental office uses fillings to treat tooth decay. The decay is cleaned out, and a high-quality, tooth-colored filling material is used to restore the tooth. The tooth can be saved or preserved with a dental filling.

Pulpotomy and pulpectomy operations are performed if the tooth pulp becomes infected. This procedure extracts the contaminated pulp, and the canals are reshaped and sterilized. Obturation is performed with metapex, which dissolves as the permanent tooth replaces it.

However, if the outlook for the damaged tooth is bleak, our dentists will remove the milk tooth. At Dochome, if an infant’s tooth needs to be extracted, the dentist will only apply a space maintainer to ensure proper development of the permanent tooth.

Teeth Extraction

It’s not uncommon for children to have issues with their teeth crowding or alignment. The failure to extract the baby’s teeth is a major contributor to these problems. Over-retained milk teeth are another name for these first teeth. They prevent the permanent teeth from erupting into the mouth with good room. The greatest dentists in our country agree that removing these retained baby teeth is necessary for the healthy development of permanent teeth.
Misaligned adult teeth can be treated with braces or other orthodontic procedures if primary teeth are not pulled when they should be. Extraction of teeth may be necessary for a variety of reasons.
Dental braces therapy sometimes necessitates removing teeth. Tooth extraction may also be necessary in tooth damage, avulsion, or fracture cases.
We stand by our promise to ensure your children’s pain-free teeth extractions. Don’t wait any longer to schedule a pain-free tooth extraction appointment.

Dental Braces

Orthodontic braces, also known as “teeth braces,” are used to realign crooked teeth in children and adults. Dental braces (tooth clips) can improve a patient’s smile. Teenagers and young adults most commonly wear dental braces. Brackets and archwires are the two main components of dental braces. Brackets are affixed to the patient’s teeth by our top dentists using an archwire. Our dentists will place archwire such that it gradually and consistently pushes on the teeth to shift their alignment. As a premier dental care facility, Dochome provides many kid-friendly orthodontic options. Clear Braces and Clear Aligners are two of the most popular alternatives to traditional metal braces for kids. The self-esteem of your youngster will soar after they get braces. They even out the bite by adjusting the position of the teeth and closing any gaps that may exist. For more modest cases of misalignment, we also provide removable orthodontic appliances.

Why Choose Dochome?

Here at Dochome, we want to provide your kids with the finest dental care you’ve ever received. Dochome is the top dental clinic, but there are other reasons to go there. We use cutting-edge techniques like computerized, digital, and laser technology to give our patients the best dental care possible.

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