5 Reasons why your teeth hurt

In today’s busy world, taking the time to take care of yourself is actually a task. Exercising, outdoor activity, and playing sports just seem next to impossible with so little time left at our disposal. But, to stay longer in this game, you’ve got to pull up your sleeves and get ready for what’s coming. Don’t Worry! With your speeding up lifestyle, you have startups coming up that will help you to utilise time in the most sustainable manner.

Today, in this post, we would like to cover a few pointers on one of the most important body parts that is responsible for your health ecosystem and personality development.


Most of us have experienced dental pain( teeth hurt) . For the ones who haven’t, they must have seen the excruciating pain among the people they know who have gone through one. There is nothing as suppressing a dental pain(teeth hurt) , you either have it or you don’t.

Do leave a comment below if your teeth hurt too or heard of someone close facing the same issue.

So in today’s post, we will discuss why this pain or teeth hurt is created in the first place and how we can reduce it while sitting right at home before the DocHome Dentist arrives.
PS: Last reason is based on whether you have a wisdom tooth or not.

So, before we start, let us show you a brief overview on the Oral Jargons –

Tooth Decay

Were you restricted by your mom to eat chocolates when you were a child? Welcome to the league. Tooth Decay is a common problem that people with poor oral hygiene definitely suffer from. India being a tropical country with love for spicy (masala/acidic) food injected right in our genes is where the 1st stone of oral problems are laid. Our love for food should be ∝ Oral Hygiene Discipline according to studies. But, reality is too far from the ideal situation.

A disciplined oral hygiene with regular free dental checkups through DocHome can take you places. Things you can do to maintain your hygiene
Brush twice, daily
Rinse your mouth after every meal
Don’t sleep with food in mouth
Get regular check ups.

Teeth bleaching products hurts teeth.

Do you like close-up ads too? Don’t fall for the teeth-whitening strategies. The original colour of your teeth is yellowish. The whitening strips bleach your teeth, removing the upper layer to showcase the one below, which looks clean. But in the long run, your teeth will become thin and break down. If you are in this loop, do a 10 minute quick check up today to rectify the mistakes made.

Grinding or clenching jaws

I have a bad habit of grinding my teeth when I am deep asleep (My parents told me, that’s how I know), deteriorating my shining teeth day in, day out. After showing it to the dentist, they advised me to create a Night Guard which has reduced my problem significantly. You could try one too. Just talk to our experienced dental doctor today and have the night guard delivered right at your doorstep.

Gum infection

According to a survey gum disease affects more than 47 percent of adults over the age of 30. Also known as gingivitis in its early stages, some people don’t even know that they have it. Most common in people with weak gums due to smoking or improper routine. Is your gum paining too? Don’t worry! We have what you need.

Enamel (dentin) erosion

As shown in the picture above, taking care of the enamel is the most important part as a single dent may give way to all germs, eroding the upper layer itself.

It’s estimated that at least 12 percent of people have some form of “dentin hypersensitivity” that causes them discomfort when they eat. This kind of sensitivity can be caused by eating a highly acidic diet, brushing your teeth too hard, and other factors.

Now as mentioned above, since you stayed till the very end, I would like to share with you a problem that I am personally facing, WISDOM TOOTH.

Eruption of Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom tooth, one which was supposed to erupt long back but didn’t. Whenever you skip diets or continuously dispense large volumes of energy, this problem arises. The best way to stop this from happening is to remove it. Take proper precaution before going for surgery. Our high experienced doctors are the ones who take cases like these. If you feel you have this problem, my recommendation is to not delay and get a consultation done ASAP.
Finally, concluding with, “Don’t let this busy world ruin the look of your pretty face.” Take care of your teeth and flaunt your smile with confidence.


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