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The color of the teeth is a genetically determined characteristic: everyone has their own, a bit like skin and hair. Smile and teeth are among the first things you notice when communicating with others. Teeth whitening, if performed by the Best Dentist in Kolkata, is a safe and effective technique and is a treatment that can be repeated over time. The result of the treatment obviously varies from patient to patient based on the structure of the teeth and correct oral hygiene.

At DocHome, we adopt different methods of Teeth Whitening In Kolkata to allow patients to choose, together with our hygienists, the treatment that best suits their needs and the state of health of their teeth.

What is professional teeth-whitening?

A professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kolkata includes the technical cosmetic dental procedure that allows you to remove stains by improving the color of your teeth. People have their teeth whitened on a regular basis so they can look and feel good.

As we progress through the aging process, it is a natural occurrence for our teeth to lose their luster and develop a yellowish hue. The inherent color of teeth can range from light yellow to gray to brown, influenced not only by the passage of time but also by our dietary and beverage choices. Consuming beverages like coffee, tea, and wine, for instance, can leave stubborn stains on our teeth. Similarly, smoking and consuming foods containing food coloring can contribute to the yellowing of teeth. While brushing immediately after meals can aid in preventing stains, it is often insufficient in completely eliminating the associated risks.

Thankfully, there is no need for you to continue living with permanently stained and yellow teeth. With the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kolkata offered by DocHome, you will be able to find the brilliant smile you remember.

What methods can we perform to professionally whiten your teeth?

Professional cleaning with Laser or Led

The most commonly used means for professional whitening is laser or LED treatment. It is a fairly expensive operation in which hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the surface of the teeth, and then the surface itself is irradiated with the laser. In contact with the laser, chemical processes are activated, which open the pores of the enamel and release free radicals, which act on the stains and on the dental coloring, whitening it in a visible and natural way.

White teeth with bleaching

Another professional method for the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment in Kolkata near me is bleaching. Bleaching is a sort of dental whitening that follows the procedures of the previous one but uses special lamps instead of the laser, which cause the gel to react. 
In both treatments offered by the Best Teeth Whitening Clinic in Kolkata, you must not smoke, drink tea or coffee, or drink with dyes or wine for 34 days following the treatment.

Teeth whitening, how does LED treatment work?

Whitening with the LED lamp at the advanced dental clinic consists of applying a gel composed of hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the teeth. When activated, the lamp shatters the pigmented molecules by means of chemical mechanisms and redox reactions so that the teeth appear whiter.

LED Teeth Whitening Treatment at Our Clinic in Kolkata follows this procedure: first, you start with professional cleaning of the teeth, then the exact shade of the enamel is determined. The teeth are photographed before treatment to facilitate comparison.
Then the mouth is suitably open, the hydrogen peroxide gel is applied, and the teeth are irradiated with the LED light. After exposure to the LED, the patient remains in position for at least 1530 minutes to allow the product to whiten the teeth.

Consequently, the gel is removed: at this point, the patient can already see the difference between the color of the teeth before the operation and after. Dental aesthetics usually improve day by day, and maintaining correct dental hygiene and oral cleanliness, including the tongue, is the best way to preserve the whitening effect of the professional session for as long as possible. The whitening effect is already visible after the first session.

When the personal hygiene session is not enough to make a patient’s smile very white, we offer professional teeth whitening treatment. Visit DocHome, the Best Teeth Whitening Clinic in Kolkata near me, for the best results.

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