The Most Modern and Advanced Dental Clinic at Home in Kolkata

We all have been busy and occupied with our schedules, leaving us no time to take care of our health and other important factors.

As the world adapts to changes day in and day out, it becomes important for people to have the ability to accept change. With startups bringing the desired concept of “Avail anything and everything at home”, it has become inevitable that we in the healthcare industry should learn and try to change the orthodoxical way of things. and this has let us introduce the concept of a dental clinic at home.

This means that now, with dochome you can avail any and every dental treatment at your home. We have a team of professionally trained specialized dentists, dedicated patient coordinators, and advanced equipment and technology. 

At DocHome, we are trying to bridge the gap between doctors and patients by inculcating advanced equipment that will help you avail dental treatment at home in Kolkata (currently).

Advancement in healthcare

Technology advancements are rapidly pacing, with no time. The healthcare industry is one such area where there is a multitude of advancements taking place. 

It is now clear that technological developments in the sector have fundamentally changed everything from patient registration to data monitoring, lab tests, and self-care tools. Some of the trends included in healthcare are telemedicine, health apps, artificial intelligence, etc. 

This has led us to introduce the concept of home dental treatment so that it is easy for you to avail of the treatment at your own convenience.

Being a part of the healthcare ecosystem and having 30+ years of experience in total, we understand the nuances of how patients (E.g.- You) react to given situations in the dental sector.

Treating patients at home

Home healthcare has a number of benefits. It is less expensive to receive home-based care, which includes, both rehabilitative care and palliative care. 

Treating patients at home brings in a lot of benefits, such as, 

  • Improved quality of life
  • Enhanced palliative and end-of-life care 
  • Ensuring convenient care access
  • Detecting social determinants of health

With the presence of 6+ dental clinic across Kolkata, treating around 2000+ patients with a pool of 20+ doctors, we are trying to create value for the ones in need. But, these are things that you would find on many websites, right?

Let us give a different perspective by telling you about how you can benefit from DocHome

DocHome provides a high-quality dental experience. We have trained and specialized professionals who make sure that your issues are resolved easily and efficiently. 

DocHome is certainly one of the best clinics in Kolkata, because of the following reasons:

  • Providing personalized care and treatment
  • Focuses on the elimination of the problem
  • We provide dental treatment at home in Kolkata, something that is unheard of in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Reducing patients’ time of travel and exhaustion from repeated consultations and appointments.
  • Bearing the Cost of traveling takes a significant toll on your pocket.

Home Treatment

The comfort of a patient getting treated at their doorstep is not Equipment 

In order to make home treatment a success, one must have certain types of equipment that are travel friendly and easy to carry.

To be at par with current technology, we have advanced equipment on board that is easily portable from one place to another. The assistant carries the equipment from the warehouse and reaches your destination at the time when the slot is booked. It sets it up within a matter of 2 minutes, and your treatment starts after your physical consultation. So, you don’t have to visit the dental clinic.

Who treats the home patient?

Once a booking is made through the website, you can quickly call us at +91 8910470711. A call will be initiated from our end for your FREE CONSULTATION in which a diagnosis will be done and a report will be forwarded on your whatsapp along with the available time slots as per your convenience.

Why should you leverage it?

As soon as a confirmation is provided from your end, we book the slot and fix your appointment. On the day of treatment, our doctors, along with the assistant and equipment, reach your location 5 minutes before the appointment time, right at your doorstep. This will save you time and effort when looking for a nearby dental clinic. 

What do people says about Dochome ?

Aparna Modak

Dochome is providing a fabulous service. Nowadays, in Kolkata, they are the best dental service providers. The doctor is very professional and has good experience.

Hritvik Bakshi

It was a wonderful experience. Dr. Akash Banerjee was very polite and helpful, and acted like a friend with patients. I strongly recommend visiting.

Pratik Mishra

I got my RCT done at DocHome. It was completely painless and great service by the doctor and the whole team.

Antara Carefully Careless

excellent initiative!! It’s very beneficial for senile patients or elderly patients who can’t visit a dental clinic. I booked an appointment for my mom, and the team reached our home on time and provided the service that was required. I highly recommend Doc-Home.

Julie Mishra

My experience with DocHome was fantastic. Going to the dentist in the time of the pandemic felt very scary, so when I heard that treatments at home were possible, it was an eye-opener for me. The doctor was highly efficient and maintained all the sanitisation protocols. I will definitely get treated by them again.

I Booked a home visit for my grandmother. At first, I was scared that everything would be done at home but in the end when i saw the smile on my grandmother’s face, I was totally relieved..thanks dochome Dr Akash for making her painfree!!


So, whenever you find yourself with a toothache, do not worry; you know the journey. It’s never too late to get a dental check up. All you have to do is fill out the form here and rest assured that we will take care of the rest. so, you don’t have to worry about finding a nearby dental clinic as our experts will treat you at your comfort place (home).